The global demand for education is growing and we’re there to meet it

The education landscape has transformed dramatically and we’re helping multi-lingual students gain a tertiary education and score a valuable degree.

The education landscape has transformed dramatically over the past few decades and has resulted in enormous growth in the tertiary education sector. And this growth isn’t expected to slow down: as demand and supply in global education increases rapidly, and as international study becomes more mainstream, a larger number of students are looking to study overseas for tertiary qualifications. Perhaps for the experience, for prestige and for occupational mobility.

The vast supply of choice at the fingertips of prospective students means that competition is fierce between universities and other tertiary institutions to win a share of the student market. EduCo International is an organisation dedicated to helping international students achieve their academic and career goals. They have campuses all over the world – in places as far-reaching as the US, Canada, Australia and Ireland.

Their target audience? The multi-lingual, multi-national and culturally diverse market of students in Asia, South America and Europe who are looking to study in areas of the world that EduCo International operates.

The growing global demand for quality education is forcing universities and other tertiary education institutions to rethink their business models and their approach to marketing. Older forms of student acquisition need to make way for newer forms that have greater reach, one of which can be implemented through digital platforms in the form of dynamic visual content and personalised case studies.

Digital marketing allows these institutions to capitalise on this growing student demand, spreading awareness of their brand in a cost-effective way. To this end, The Conscience Organisation has been brought in to assist EduCo in the expansion of their acquisition process and retention program.

“We’ve commenced a digital transformation across EduCo. We are connecting education to students across the globe. Social media touches all business units and what The Conscience Organisation’s is doing is giving us a global view of a student’s physical and digital behaviours. This will help catapult our transformation and our expansion plans.”

Joff Allen, CEO of EduCo

The project discovers the key motivations that drive students looking to pursue international study and identify how EduCo can capitalise on that motivation to maximise the reach of its message. This strategic framework will serve as the foundation for creative output and will be backed-up by ongoing metric and audience analysis.

The hero piece? A series of videos showcasing the wide range of alumni success stories and how their careers have benefitted from their degrees. By using advocacy as the key driver of content, this project has increased Latin-American student intakes by 119% and out-performed benchmarks by 200%. For our campaign with Acsenda School of Management in Vancouver, we talked to students and teachers about why their experience at Acsenda is unique to other universities. This form of anecdotal storytelling saw a link click through rate 3x higher than the industry standard for education on social media.

“Student needs, and our partner’s in the education sector and future employers require us to iterate faster than say, 12 months ago. Again, The Conscience Organisation is guiding us on the road less travelled…”

Joff Allen, CEO of EduCO

“We are on the tools each morning. Monitoring overnight results, workshopping new ideas to pitch, produce and launch, often on same day. It’s changing the way we work, and the university works. My pet name for it is HIGH CADENCE.

Education has always been an important focus of The Conscience Organisation, we’ve worked across primary school, secondary and higher education for many years. We’ve previously worked on campaigns focusing on the living conditions that enable children to attain an education.

The betterment of all of us on Earth, to aid the growth and maturity of economies, is vital. University education helps people of all ages realise their potential to contribute to society…”

Clive Burcham, Founder and CEO of The Conscience Organisation