Case Study Work

Sumo Salad: Brand development

SumoSalad has been dedicated to providing healthy fast food at an accessible price to Australians since 2003. The business has over 100 stores in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil, serving over 8 million salads a year. However, we noticed their core values and priorities were not reflected properly in the company’s communication strategy.

“We wanted to clearly articulate the sumo values and philosophies, and to create and have this in a way that was meaningful, unique and on-brand. We did not want to adopt a generic approach to the language, tone, or way we communicate. We wanted to create values using language that was engaging and relatable”

Luke Baylis – Founder & CEO

Together with Sumo Salad, The Conscience Organisation held a series of collaborative workshops to grow the brand and put into words the company’s mission statement while clearly defining Sumo Salad’s communication pillars.

Sumo’s brand values are currently being used for both internal and external communication. The work allowed this beloved Australian brand to successfully resonate with their audiences.

“The process was incredibly collaborative with lots of brainstorming. No idea was a bad idea. We put over 1000 things on the wall, and funnelled them into some very good core values that we live by today, and use regularly in all our communications.”

“The collaboration results resonated with staff, franchisees, customers, suppliers, and all other stakeholders”.