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Happy Birthday! Global Citizen turns 10

In 2012, Hugh Evans, Simon Moss and Wei Soo along with Ryan Gall launched the Global Citizen Festival, as part of the Global Poverty Project — a free, ticketed event requiring fans to perform anti-poverty actions in exchange for entry. To date, over 22 million actions have been taken against extreme poverty.

We are proud to be a founding partner of Global Citizen. Life is made richer seeing your team, partners, ideas and indeed your own children grow.

Clive Burcham (CEO & Founder, The Conscience Organisation)

This year marks the 10th Anniversary and along the way, the organisation has continued to garner support from every corner of society, industry and politics, transforming walls into bridges with every step. To date, the actions by this global community have resulted in commitments and policy announcements from world leaders, valued at over $37 billion. These contributions are set to affect the lives of more than 2.25 billion people by 2030. A total of 650 million people’s lives have already been impacted.

Hugh Evans remains unwavering in his goal to end extreme poverty. “This year marks a critical one for the movement. After next year we will have only ten short years to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals,” comments Hugh. “The policies and progress that we make this year, and into 2020, will determine whether we successfully eradicate extreme poverty by 2030, and failure is not an option for the world’s poor.”

The message is simple. The action is clear. And the timing could never be more critical. Global Citizen is headquartered in New York, with offices in Canada, Australia, Germany, and the United Kingdom and with over 8 million members worldwide, the collective rally cries are not merely persuasive they are piercing.   

One way to continue to get this ‘big’ message out there is to put it in the hands of Uber talented people we all know, love, admire and respect. So, on September 28, in just a few short weeks, the Global Citizen Festival, will again launch on the Great Lawn in Central Park, NYC, inviting the world to bring and be their very best.

Global Citizen has curated a star-studded roster yet again. Queen & Adam Lambert, Pharrell Williams, Alicia Keys, OneRepublic, H.E.R., and Carole King will headline the festival. French Montana, Ben Platt, and Jon Batiste and his band Stay Human will serve as special guest performances. And the all-star line-up doesn’t end there. Add to the list, Academy Award Winner Rami Malek, Bill Nye, Matt Bomer, Rachel Brosnahan, Elvis Duran, Joy Reid, and Forest Whitaker, who will each co-host the event alongside Australian Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness.

While the festival is free, festival goers must download the Global Citizen app for a chance to be selected for tickets. Ticket draws will occur throughout the summer, and those chosen will be notified by Global Citizen. Don’t fret if you aren’t selected, for the sixth consecutive year, MSNBC, NBC Universal, and iHeartMedia will stream the festival online. The festival will also be live-streamed on YouTube and Twitter.

Global Citizen has a unique ability to mobilize mass audiences which allows them to achieve demonstrable policy success. They organize massive global campaigns to amplify the actions of Global Citizens from around the world.

“The beginnings of the Global Poverty Project (Global Citizen) started in the offices of The Conscience Organisation, in Redfern, Sydney,” says Clive Burcham, CEO and Founder. “Our alliance with Hugh Evans and his team began with our production of The Make Poverty History campaign in 2006.”

Building on momentum by activists from across the globe and coinciding with the annual UN General Assembly meetings, Global Citizens will stand together and call for government, businesses, and philanthropists to uphold their responsibilities towards fighting deadly infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, Malaria, tuberculosis and polio, empowering women and girls around the world, combating plastic pollution to protect the poorest parts of the planet, and building global human capital through quality education, skills, and health.

Like Live Aid in 1985, we believe this Festival will be a milestone. It will generate practical solutions to address the world’s glaring anomalies. Global Citizen is an organization which has already moved mountains. We hope this Festival will be the beginning of a new era in which all creatures on Earth will eventually benefit.

Brian May (Guitarist, Queen)

Whether it be calling your representative to improve education for millions, signing a petition to ensure governments improve clean water and sanitation, or tweeting at a world leader to end hunger, it all starts with people who are passionate about change.

The world needs active global citizens who are engaged in the world, knowledgeable about its diversity and passionate about change. Ending extreme poverty requires information and ideas that inspire and motivate the global community to act.

Hugh Evans (Co-Founder & CEO, Global Citizen)

We hope, along with the millions of other committed and passionate people around our planet, that our contribution at The Conscience Organisation to end extreme poverty, is making a lasting difference.

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