Case Study Work

Dr Kerryn Phelps Re-Election Campaign

A case study of how a digital strategy that empowered the community helped Dr Kerryn Phelps win the seat of Wentworth, New South Wales.

Dr Kerryn Phelps won the seat of Wentworth (New South Wales, Australia) in the October 2018 by-election by a miniscule margin.  This historic win was significant as it represented the biggest swing away from the Liberal Party in its history, seeing them lose the seat of Wentworth for the first time since the inaugural election in 1901.

With a proud history of campaigning for positive social change Phelps was determined to continue to fight off the “business as usual” attitudes of a politically disengaged electorate.

Our role was to devise and implement a digital strategy to empower working class community members and maintain the passion for change in one of the oldest and most influential electorates in Australia. Through our campaign we turned community anger into positive sentiment and action for a progressive independent.

Transforming our office into a 24/7 newsroom like operation we developed campaign messaging for different interest groups across the electorate in real time as different issues came to light. We were posted news articles and created bespoke video content in record time, detailing Dr Phelps’ persona and policies helping to build trust in her values.

Although Dr Phelps wasn’t successfully re-elected in 2019, the campaign itself was a great success. Our fundraising stats exceed campaign expectations, delivering a 3.8x return on investment.