Author: The Conscience Organisation

Be Proud of Your Purpose

Why Australians shouldn’t be such a humble bunch People with purpose usually lead meaningful lives. Organisations with purpose usually succeed. Countries with purpose usually have better living standards and are more resilient. While Australian businesses have much to be proud of, including global leaders and entrepreneurial initiatives, not enough organisations tell the world about their… Read more »

The benefits of doing ‘Social Good’ in business!

From the wise words of Pia Mancini (Co-founder at Open Collective) “Social change is not going to come from knowing more information, but from doing something with it”. Social good is no longer an obligation that businesses feel they need to take on but has become central to the operations of many of the best… Read more »

5 Reasons To Volunteer Even If You Work Full-Time!

For full-time professionals, the idea of volunteering can feel like a pipe dream, something that only retirees or high school kids looking to beef up their CV have time to engage in. But volunteer work doesn’t have to become a second job, and if you believe in what you’re doing, volunteer ‘work’ won’t feel like… Read more »

You’re not just here to listen, but to make others feel heard

Without us even realising, the way we communicate each and every day is peppered with interruptions and detachment, be it because of hectic schedules or the distraction of smartphones and – ironically – social media. How is it that in a world of increasing connectivity, we disconnect when it comes to effectively communicating with others?… Read more »