Case Study Work

30% increase in revenue for TJM

We love health and well-being, and are passionate about working with brands who share our go-getter spirit and sense of adventure. Add to this a love of getting off-road and dirty – on two or four wheels – and you can see how we came to partner with TJM to help them connect modern Aussie explorers with the gear they need to get out there!

“Working with The Conscience Organisation increased revenue in our business by 30%.”

Not only from inquiries through digital marketing, but also telephone inquiries, and we’ve noticed a dramatic increase in footfall into our store. 80% of those we were able to convert to sales.

Glen Lensink (Director, TJM Northern Beaches)


TJM’s digital presence was falling short of their full potential. With a team of expert fitters and enthusiasts tailoring each in-store experience to the person walking – or driving – in, there was plenty of room to connect more authentically with past and potential customers online. With a back catalogue of great fitouts to share and promote, we just needed to find a way to get this great content in front of car, camping and 4WD enthusiasts.

During our partnership we also needed to contend with COVID and the ups and downs of travel restrictions which impacted demand.


Deep dive to better understand the multiple brands that sit within the TJM Northern Beaches operation. Custom audiences from interest targeting, website traffic and customer profiles we developed to hone in on who we were talking to as we considered the range of motivations behind different products. Over this we layered key messaging that appealed to multiple target audiences and created greater awareness of brand and product scope.


We streamlined the process to book appointments and head in store through digital lead campaigns . We reinvigorated product and brand videos and testimonials with a fresh creative campaign that focused on exploring all that Australia has to offer.

During the COVID 19 lockdowns we were able to swiftly update the creative and messaging to reflect ideas around preparing your ride for future travel and encouraging preparation for local travel with messaging around “getting your ride road ready.” During a challenging time for all businesses TJM was able to maintain appointments and became even busier than ever creating custom tour packs that were individually tailored for each customer in store. 


Increased revenue 30%, year on year.

Over the last nine months, with the help of our custom targeting and refreshed creative on all digital platforms there was a significant increase in revenue from in store appointments. The business generated through digital leads and converted to in store appointments, resulted in an increase in revenue by 30% month to month, year on year.

Despite the COVID 19 challenges of 2020 and ongoing border restrictions, the half yearly sales data from TJM indicates a 20% increase in sales this year. It’s also projected that caravan camping in the AVI sales will continue to rise well into 2021 with a focus for customers to be road ready when the time for travel comes.

Our partnership with TJM in Northern Beaches is continuing to evolve with an update to their e-commerce platform. There is an ongoing focus on highlighting their expertise and local knowledge as COVID 19 travel restrictions lift. We’re implementing Messenger and WhatsApp as customer-facing channels to encourage a smoother experience.

Continuing to ensure that TJM grows and maintains their digital presence, continues to improve their e-commerce and customer experience and streamlined digital and physical processes will see them maintain the increase in sales experience during lockdown and reflect the expected 20% growth that is projected in the car parts and customisation industry.

One thing we are really enjoying, is their a holistic approach to our business. Not only marketing, but also looking at the structure and process of how we deal with customers on a day-to-day basis, ensuring that we build advocacy and loyalty.

One of the key things, is an entrepreneurial approach, inspiring us to think about our business differently. So it’s part advisory, part marketing and communications.

Glen Lensink (Director, TJM Northern Beaches)