Macelleria's Bondi beachfront store could barely keep up with their customers but the newly-opened Newtown store had yet to find its feet in the same way. The Macelleria team realised the need to built a versatile umbrella brand - able to hold its own across franchises but still offer the same great product and experience.



In Sydney, each suburb needs to be treated as if it were a world of its own.

Macelleria logo


A full-day immersive brand position workshop, with stakeholders from across the country. The aim: to collaborate on the value-proposition that aligns all stores in Australia, no matter their footprint. One that is uniting in purpose but flexible in execution.



A full brand positioning bible including:

  • Brand positioning statement and value proposition
  • Functional and emotional benefits
  • Core brand vs. 'sub'/adaptable differentials
  • Branding and visual stye-guide

In-workshop additions:

  • Series of executional concepts and campaign territories
  • Guidelines for ongoing brand marketing

Currently running, identified in workshop:

  • Social media acquisition campaign: content, paid media & reporting

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