Macquarie University

Together Team


The Problem

With hundreds of hyper-targeted social profiles, Macquarie University's digital ecosystem was too fragmented to be an effective communication platform.


The Collaboration

From 2016 we embedded a new Together Team into Macquarie University's marketing department, to stop the growing fragmentation of their social ecosystem, streamline their communications to prospective students both locally and abroad, and to add agency-backed expert knowledge into their team.

In addition to the ongoing management of their social channels, The Conscience Organisation provides regular training opportunities to upskill the university's internal marketing teams, strategic guidance across their extensive digital portfolio, content creation and brand management across their social platforms.


The Results

After the first year of our partnership, The Conscience Organisation and Macquarie University achieved:


Content Pieces



1.5m +


Activity Increase

610% yoy

On top of these strong metrics, we also streamlined the university's social ecosystem, reducing the number of fragmented social profiles down to just a handful of core, establishment-oriented accounts.

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