Kids Xpress



KidsXpress is a charity that uses expressive therapy (art, music and play) to ensure that no childhood is lost to trauma. Despite impact studies that show the efficacy of the charity in providing care and help for trauma suffering youths, as well as the potential savings to the government, the charity is entirely self-funded.



With an ultimate goal of corporate funding for the program, we worked with KidsXpress to distill the highly complex frameworks of the business into digestible formats that succinctly demonstrated the value of KidsXpress to audiences.
But corporate funding is not enough. To create scale and bring the therapy to more children, KidsXpress needed to appeal directly to public. Charity is one of the most cluttered categories in existence, and unlike other segments, the direct consumer outcome is very hard to quantify. We are working with KidsXpress to help define the necessity of its offering,  helping create a long-term sustainable model that will allow more and more children to be freed from the effects of trauma.


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