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Ending extreme poverty is one of the world's greatest problems and it's just one of the Global Goals being tackled by Global Citizen, the social-action platform designed to mobilise citizens around the world to make a difference. 

But changing the world at this scale requires a worldwide network of teams driving impactful local engagement and replicating the working model of Global Citizen, where action-taking is incentivised with rewards and entertainment. 

We were tasked with designing this new global model - an extension of Global Citizen - to help solve our planet's greatest challenges!



Local advocates for change have significant impact within their tribes; by enabling them to 'go harder' against the world's biggest challenges, the ambition of Global Citizen will hit the fast lane at a grassroots, and scalable, level.


Launching Global Citizen Local around the world, where grassroots champions of change host their own satellite events to drive tangible impact, supported and guided by Global Citizen in New York.



The Conscience Organisation is currently working in partnership with Global Citizen in NYC, and with world-leading brands, to finalise the Global Citizen Local model. The Conscience Organisation will lead the launch of the world's first Global Citizen Local pilot in early 2018.


If you are passionate about change, and feel you can make an impact in your community, we'd love to hear from you.