The problem

Hillview Fine Foods wanted to break the vicious cycle that made up the Australian fresh food industry. Where Australian Farmers were getting screwed by big name chains and the the average age of an apple in a supermarket is a year old.

The Insight

Consumers are increasingly conscious of the footprint of their food

The Solution

For Goodness Sake. A sustainable fresh food deliver business that was built around the components:

GOOD FOR FARMERS - The supply chain weeded out agents and the middleman, to ensure our farmers are paid up to 60% more for their produce.  

GOOD FOR YOU - The delivery model meant that fruit and vegetables could be at your door within 24-72 hours of picking, which means a higher quality of nutrients and fibre for city bellies.

GOOD FOR COMMUNITIES - 10% of every sale goes back into your community to help create a more sustainable future for everyone

For Goodness Sake case study
For Goodness Sake model

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