Brand Launch & Positioning

Maximus Isotonic

The Problem

Maximus was a newcomer to a category dominated by the duopoly of Powerade & Gatorade: household names with the backing of large corporations. We needed a way to cut through noise in a stagnating sports drink market.


* Give Art Science is the sister company of The Conscience Organisation


The Insight

Despite sitting within the ‘sports drink category’, 73% of consumers – predominantly men – were purchasing for non-sporting occasions. The talk of elite athleticism was not resonating with the everyman.

These Aussie blokes just wanted a big blue bottle to slake their massive, manly thirst. And to celebrate the irreverence of our classic banter culture.


The Solution

Maximus: The non-sports sports drink.

Creating everything from digital content to on-pack promotions, experiential stunts to OOH installations, and even two seasons of a branded TV show, we were able to reinforce a strong and consistent message to the consumer and foster identity the consumer understood and related to.

We leveraged the strong brand presences of our largest competitors, and proved to our increasingly loyal consumers that we're not those guys. Avoiding the hallmarks of the industry – super-sciency language, ultra-high production values and sport-star laden endorsements and sponsorships – we created a clear distinction, and showed customers we were more than just a bigger bottle.*

* We did have a bigger bottle, though!

Maximus Beer Flavour

The Results

From an initial 0% ranging and awareness...


Category Share


Category Position


The Conscience Organisation is a dynamic and agile agency whose clear strengths are a passion for challenging the norms to create inspirational ideas, clear connectivity to our consumers’ world and an authentic commitment to collaboration across our business.
— Mark Weidermann, FRUCOR Beverages (CMO)

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