The Problem

Maximus wanted to build on their brand positioning as ‘The non-sports sports drink’ and create a campaign that celebrated it’s fans that applied the Maximus ‘Go Big’ attitude to their everyday lives.


* Give Art Science is the sister company of The Conscience Organisation


The Insight

Mates love to call each other out with a bit of banter.


The Solution


A social campaign built around nominating mates who Go Big in their day to day lives.

We developed a series of 'Lordships' based around the passions of everyday Aussies, from BBQ Lords and Beard Lords to Fishing Lords and Footy Lords. Maximus called on fans to share themselves or their mates going big and being lords via #awardalord, with the Ultimate Lord scoring a chance at winning a million bucks. A video series heroed key lords and outlined the campaign while the production of customised #awardalord bottles allowed us to continue our social sharing campaign in the public sphere.


The Results




Sales Uplift


Trial Increase





Social Interactions


The Conscience Organisation is a dynamic and agile agency whose clear strengths are a passion for challenging the norms to create inspirational ideas, clear connectivity to our consumers’ world and an authentic commitment to collaboration across our business.
— Mark Weidermann, FRUCOR Beverages (CMO)
Maximus Award-a-Lord Out of Home

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