Winter School

The Problem

Kids weren't buying tickets to Contiki's European winter tours.


The Insight

They do like snow...


The Solution

All the GIFs!

Pronounced as in "good" – "GIF". It's not JIF. There's a product with that name already.

Not to mention it's short for GRAPHIC.


The Results

Through this series of satirical videos and additional content pieces placed across social media we reached over 1.2 million people, with 2.5 million video views and over 6.5 million impressions. With a brand awareness lift of 8.2pts this was a whopping 111% greater than Facebook’s benchmark for financial services and meant that roughly 100,000 people are now aware of Westpac's City2Surf sponsorship thanks to this campaign.


Reach (Sydney)


Video Views



Awareness Lift


The Conscience Organisation were a pleasure to deal with, challenged our thinking and gave us a creative solution that brought personality and fun to our brand. It’s changed the way Westpac thinks about sponsorships and was one of our most successful campaigns, both internally and externally.
— Pat Cunningham, Westpac (Head of Sponsorship & Events)

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(Spoiler: The second one.)