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Global Citizen [Local]


Last updated on June 20th, 2019

About Global Citizen

Global Citizen was started by 3 young Australians in 2008 and has gone onto raise over $35bn to end extreme poverty.
Global Citizen’s unique ‘Pop+Policy’ model leverages the star power of popular culture icons – from musicians to Hollywood celebrities – to incentivise mass Action-taking amongst a generation of globally-aware social advocates.
he movement influences world leaders, decision makers and private enterprise through mass-mobilisation of Global Citizens’ around the globe to support innovation, social initiatives and system change with the goal of eliminating Extreme Poverty by 2030 (SDG 1).

Global Citizen [Local]

While their successful tentpole festival events attract tens of thousands of people, these large scale events are limited in number, and do not offer the opportunity to engage members of the global movement.
Global Citizen was looking for a way to grow and engage their movement around the world and to enable their network to extend the model beyond their existing festival properties.
Driven by AI, Global Citizen Local transforms Global Citizen from large scale festivals to anyone, anywhere in the world creating their own events at any scale. This will revolutionise the movement to end extreme poverty.

I am truly thankful for the outstanding knowledge and preparation delivered by The Conscience Organisation, as they recently ran our New York team through an amazing workshop.

Their ideas, input and exercises for developing our biggest platform to date, was of the highest standards and went above and beyond my expectations. Their contributions have been fundamental in shaping the growth of our global movement to solve our world’s most challenging problems.

– Hugh Evans, Global Citizen (Founder & CEO)