An invitation to be truly inspired this May

From our Founder & CEO, Clive Burcham

Educating 15 million children across rural India and equipping them with digital literacy skills is an ambitious commitment. So is providing critical incident assistance 24/7 to people across Australia’s major cities via an app. Yet the successes of these two different initiatives are proof that technology can have – and are having - a positive social impact. This ethos is part of our own DNA at The Conscience Organisation – which is why we’re excited to announce we’ll hear more from these inspiring projects at our Community Event on 23 May.


Our first guest speaker is Nate Hurst, the Global Chief of Sustainability and Social Impact Officer at HP. He has 20 years of experience in environmental sustainability and social innovation across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. Currently, he helps drive programs with a focus on the planet, people and communities around the world that are aligned with HP’s business strategy.

One such program is HP World on Wheels, where isolated and disadvantaged children are being taught in mobile learning labs across India. In a country where 41 per cent of children drop out before completing upper primary school, HP says the scheme is helping to “break the cycle of poverty”. Each lab is also fitted with 10 high-efficiency solar panels - each generating 20 per cent more than their daily energy requirements.


Meanwhile, the company’s HP Life program is delivering anytime access to free, quality business and IT skills training in seven languages – helping 710,000 people since 2012. And in the Middle East, its six HP Learning Studios in Lebanon and Jordan are teaching displaced refugees key skills including 3D design and entrepreneurship.

HP also has several projects that see plastics recycled into ink cartridges rather than ending up in landfill or the sea, such as the partnership with Thread International in Haiti. The joint initiative was launched in 2016 and successfully collected more than 300,000 pounds of ocean-bound plastics for use in HP ink cartridges.


“At HP, we embrace sustainable impact year-round, and we are inspired by other companies making sustainability part of their business every day, not just once a year,” Nate recently told Sustainable Brands News.

Christopher Marr, Co-Founder of Sonder Australia, is our second guest speaker. He is a former Australian Army officer who spent more than 19 years in service, including 10 years in the Special Forces where he served as a Squadron Commander. His experience includes seven combat tours of duty and myriad other operations around the world.

More recently, Chris co-founded Sonder Australia with colleagues from Defence and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. Sonder provides critical incident response services via an app, deploying ex and off-duty emergency services personnel to help people in need.


“Sonder strives to create positive social impact through provision of our unique 24/7 on-demand, in-person and immediate support service for people in a vulnerable position,” Chris says. “In an increasingly digital and uncertain world, we help people in need by cutting through the noise with real and meaningful in-person support, when and where our members need it.”


Our Community Events are open to everyone. Bring along your friends, family, kids and colleagues.


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