With outsourced teams already embedded in Macquarie University and Nestlé, we’re taking a step further into the world of partnership and collaboration, with our own CEO Clive Burcham named Chief Marketing Officer for training startup, Skilled Up.

Skilled Up, an RTO focused on helping people better themselves and actualise their full potential, is a new venture of Jake Williams, entrepreneur and creator of the SpotJobs job board, which in 2015 was valued at close to $50 million.

In Agency Land we’re seeing an increasing number of small businesses outsource executive leadership positions as a cost-effective solution for growth. Williams understands the value of a marketing department with a strong creative lean that can collect and interpret data, and is adamant that an overhaul of the traditional business model will help achieve his objectives.  

“The data exists and there are people who know how to interpret and use it, so if you can find a CMO you trust then that’s an aspect of the business you can comfortably step away from and focus your talents elsewhere,” says Williams.

Burcham is excited at the prospect of relaunching Skilled Up’s brand and positioning this year. He believes the collaborative model benefits both client and agency, with the agency gaining better insight into client perspective.

“This collaboration is a toe-in-the-water exercise aimed at entrepreneurial partners,” Burcham explains. “It’s the second time I’ve sat on the ‘other side’ table, so I can empathise with those wonderful folks client-side – it’s a win-win in the short- and long-term for both parties.”

Tom Murray