Helping Global Citizen power the movement

In 2012, Hugh Evans and his Co-Founders Simon Moss and Wei Soo along with Ryan Gall launched the Global Citizen Festival, as part of the Global Poverty Project — a free, ticketed event requiring fans to perform anti-poverty actions in exchange for entry. To date, over 22 million actions have been taken against extreme poverty.… Read more »

The perils & rewards of our 180° turn

Last updated on August 21st, 2019When I founded The Conscience Organisation, I never imagined it would take nearly two decades to get it to where it is now. The journey has been exciting, glorious sometimes perilous but always, deeply rewarding. It feels as though I have traversed mountains, valleys, rapids and tornadoes. There have been… Read more »

The Conscience Organisation and Unicef USA film for the BEYGOOD4BURUNDI project

Friday saw the launch of a film produced for Unicef USA telling the story of the Beygood4Burundi initiative. The film highlights the important work to end the water and nutrition crisis for the most vulnerable communities in Burundi, South Africa. The initiative that will see installation of 1,200 fresh water wells across Burundi to solve… Read more »

The Performance Triangle

A concern that pops up time and time again working in the social and digital space is the ability of agencies or creative outfits to respond to the rapid pace of change online. We’re not talking about pivoting to implement new products from Instagram or changes to the Facebook Ads Manager. We’re not even talking… Read more »