What are we about?


We aim to be the leaders in creative ideas for organisations to have social conscience.

We want to work with people, businesses and organisations who are willing or are on the way bringing purpose to their profit. We help you bring these strategies and ideas to life.



A future where private enterprise treats having a positive impact on the world with as much importance as profit making.


To show brands that creatively solving business problems and having a positive impact on the world are not mutually exclusive.


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is dead. Giving money to charity, staff volunteering, painting the community centre - all good things but peripheral to the business. They don’t lead to the creation of new products and services, differentiate your brand, engage your people or achieve lasting social or environmental impact.

The answers to the world’s biggest social challenges will not be found by governments, charities or NGO’s alone. Increasingly big companies are creating new business models, new products and services that deliver lasting, financially viable solutions to the big problems we face.
— Liam and Adrian Simpson, Wavelength


CSR is dead.

In years gone by, businesses moved towards Corporate Social Responsibility to offset the perception customers, partners or clients had of big business.

We’ve moved on.

Through our work with NGOs, such a Global Citizen, we are exposed to the world’s issues and corporations who are using best practices. We have many local case studies as well international work.


88% of millennials are willing to change jobs based on their employer’s CSR program. Social impact programs are becoming a employee value proposition. 3/4 of millennials would pay more for sustainable offerings, up from half in 2014
— Price Waterhouse Coopers. Neilson Online Survey 2015


Further food for thought

2017 Global Ethics Summit:

  • According to recent research, the stock prices of companies that appear on the 2017 list of the World’s Most Ethical Companies outperform the S&P 500 Index by more than 6 percentage points.


  • 56% of consumers stop buying from companies they believe are unethical.

Cone Communications Millennial CSR Study:

  • In 2015, 84% of consumers globally say they seek out responsible products whenever possible.
  • In 2015, 81% of consumers said they would be willing to consume or purchase fewer products to preserve natural resources, or buy a product from an unknown brand if it has strong CSR commitments.
  • In 2015, More than 9-in-10 Millennial consumers would switch brands to one associated with a cause, and two-thirds use social media to engage around CSR.