20% of all food purchased in Australia gets tossed, while 2 million Australians go hungry every night. OzHarvest saw the horrible irony in this and decided to do something about it, taking the food that would otherwise be tossed and giving it to the people who need it. OzHarvest wants Aussies to be smarter about how they deal with food. 
The Conscience Organisation partners with OzHarvest to develop content that supports OzHavest's fundraising goals (as well as hosting our own events), and create initiatives that really get people listening and actively changing their habits, such as #pledgeaplate which encouraged Aussies to rethink their wastage through an engaging socially-driven campaign.
Moreover, the ethos of OzHarvest is at the heart of everything we do, always striving to create meaningful connections between our clients and OzHarvest every chance we get and being more considered in the way we order, use and dispose of food around the office.
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