Ten years ago, a man from Melbourne had a dream: to put an end to world poverty. This man was Hugh Evans, who went on to become founder and CEO of The Global Citizen Project, a business committed to working alongside the UN to rally governments to achieve their Sustainable Development Goals to end Global Poverty by 2030. Back then, Hugh needed people committed to action; to make the impossible possible on tight timings and budgets.

Our CEO Clive partnered with Hugh to create, fund and develop the Poverty Project. Leveraging the initiative through music concerts and a hard hitting documentary, this brought poverty consideration to the table in a mainstream way, demonstrating that hunger and poverty was not just a problem for the developing world.

Now, a decade later, Clive still remains an advisor to the Global Citizen Project, and as a business we are as committed now as we ever were in creating a positive impact on the world.
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