For Goodness Sake is all about honestly fresh produce straight from the farm, picked for the Australian consumers, not the shelf. By cutting out the middleman, Aussie farmers get paid their fair share and they're able to donate 10% of every sale to local community groups.

For Goodness Sake may be a new organisation but it's growing fast. To stimulate this growth and spread the word of FGS' great work, we are using all the tools at our disposal to develop and run their digital and social promotion. This has taken the form of website development and upkeep, always-on social media management, EDMs and consistent social and digital media campaigns. We have also supported the creation of a weekly FGS Farmer's Market.

The Conscience Organisation lives and breathes For Goodness Sake. We always make sure our fruit bowl is stocked full of delicious FGS produce and encourage all we see to buy direct from Aussie farmers through FGS.
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