Tasked with rebranding and repurposing farmer owned fruit and veg delivery service Hillview Fine Foods, we saw an opportunity to create something truly good, that could improve the communities and lives that it touched. The result is For Goodness Sake (FGS), a produce delivery service with social good and shared value at its core.

Working to completely overhaul the brand, we developed clear messaging around the three pillars of the business: good for farmers, good for you and good for communities. By offering produce from farm to doorstep in 72 hours, we guaranteed a level of freshness that supermarkets and wholesalers couldn’t, and our farmer-run business meant that farmers were being paid a fair price for work in an industry that was notorious for undercutting them. Most importantly, FGS strengthened local communities by filtering 10% of all profits back into community organisations like schools and sporting teams.

FGS has a lot to say, but needed a brand that could be quickly and easily understood. The business needed a solution in which the product and the community act as the key driver, with the brand itself the supporting act. With a fresh take on the distribution of fruit and veg we centered the brand around the consumer experience. This dictated the identity, the purchasing experience, the packaging and the communications. 

FGS has become a brand that lives and breathes its purpose: to improve local communities with fresh fruit and veg.
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